Apollo Ball Themes

The Mystic Krewe of Apollo - Birmingham has a rich 40+ year history of presenting spectacular annual Mardi Gras balls. The very first Bal Masque was held in 1977 at the Roma Country Club in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. The rest, as they say, is history!


Bal Masque Themes Through The Years

I 1977 Shady Ladies Roland Dobson
II 1978 Egyptian Mythology Roland Dobson
III 1979 A Night At The Opera Jim Rawls
IV 1980 World's Greatest Lovers Jim Rawls
V 1981 Night On Mount Olympus Michael Johnson
VI 1982 Wonders of Nature Michael Johnson
VII 1983 The French Ball Michael Johnson
VIII 1984 International Don Gilmore
IX 1985 The Zodiac Michael Johnson
X 1986 Floral Fantasy Buddy Robbins
XI 1987 Over The Rainbow Robert Logan
XII 1988 Show Time Buddy Robbins
XIII 1989 Mardi Gras Masquerade Henry Levens
XIV 1990 A Night In Troy Bill Johnson
XV 1991 Travel In Time Grant May
XVI 1992 Horray For Hollywood John Laskow
XVII 1993 Capture The Wonder Jeb Lawson
XVIII 1994 Wild Wild West Buddy Robbins
XIX 1995 Cocktails Buddy Robbins
XX 1996 Celebration of Imperial Royalty Buddy Robbins
XXI 1997 Under The Big Top Robert Noah
XXII 1998 The Red Hot Ball Thom Satterfield
XXIII 1999 Apollo In Production Buddy Robbins
XXIV 2000 The Best Of Everything John Laskow
XXV 2001 An Affair To Remember John Laskow
XXVI 2002 Once Upon A Time Mitch Harrison
XXVII 2003 Apollo Under The Sea Randy Green
XXVIII 2004 The Blue Ball Chuck Leachman
XXIX 2005 If The Show Fits Randy Green
XXX 2006 XXX There's Nothing Dirty Going On Jim Barron
XXXI 2007 Apollo On Safari - Get Wild! Garry Peace
XXXII 2008 Apollo's Wide World Of Sports John Hurley
XXXIII 2009 Birds of a Feather Jim Barron
XXXIV 2010 Fire & Ice John Hurley
XXXV 2011 Come Party With Us Bob Greenlee
XXXVI 2012 Postcards From Apollo Donnie Ashworth
XXXVII 2013 It Takes Two Jim Barron & John Hurley
XXXVIII 2014 Apollo Takes The Sky John Hurley
XXXIX 2015 Apollo: The Musical Bob Greenlee
XL 2016 It's About Time Robert Noah
XLI 2017 House of Apollo David Pate-Campbell
XLII 2018 Southern Charm Kyle Pugh
XLIII 2019 Icons of Pride Bunky Wright
XLIV 2020 Game On! Bob Greenlee & Jim Barron
XLV 2022 Primetime Brandon Blankenship